Photovoltaïque: atelier sur le cycle de vie à Chambéry le 11 mars

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Le recyclage du photovoltaïque est une problématique essentielle pour la filière qui doit réfléchir à des solutions concrètes pour les grandes quantités de panneaux solaires arrivant en fin de vie sous peu.  A cette occasion l’INES et l’IPVF organisent le 11 mars prochain, suite à la conférence internationale SiliconPV, une journée internationale dédiée à l’Analyse du Cycle de Vie (ACV) et au recyclage des technologies photovoltaïques au Château des Comtes de Challes à Chambéry. La journée se déroulera en anglais.

9:00 Welcome by Jean-Pierre JOLY, PV specialist and INES adviser 9:30 Economic and regulatory framework

13:30 PV recycling state of art
Recycling: why and when? «Overview of the world PV modules pool and recyling needs» Jean-Pierre JOLY, INES European and National regulatory context «The recast of the WEEE directive» Alexandre ROESCH – SolarPower Europe «French regulatory applications» Nicolas DEFRENNE – PV Cycle
Existing solutions «The existing recycling processes in Europe» Nicolas DEFRENNE, PV Cycle «The First Solar pioneer solution» Andreas WADE, First Solar Best practices from other industries «Recycling in the chemical industry» Dominique JOUSSET, Arkema «Environmental challenges in PV module backsheet», Luigi Marras, COVEME «SNAM experience: recycling batteries » Cédric FOULET, SNAM
R&D answers «Cabriss project: recycled, reused and recovered indium, silicon and silver materials» David PELLETIER, CEA-INES «Sustainable end of life PV-module management» Marco TAMMARO, ENEA Legal aspects: the directive on eco-conception «The eco-conception directive» Alexandre ROESCH, SolarPower Europe   Outlook & industrial perspectives «Carbon footprint in project calls» Jérôme BECCAVIN, Certisolis «A PV processing unit en France for 2020» Nicolas DEFRENNE, PV Cycle
16:00 Outlook, futur stakes
Recycling PV modules is an important issue for the upcoming deployment of Photovoltaics at a large scale as evidenced after the Conference on Climate Change (COP 21) held in Paris last December. The annual installation capacity is expected to  increase from 50 GW today to 100 and 200 GW in the future. The objective of this day, at the initiative of the INES and IPVF, is to share the state of the art in this area and to discuss on broader perspectives, like innovation and research. It will bring together manufacturers, recycling companies, researcher, and finally experts in Economic and regulatory aspects. Special attention will be paid to the whole lifecycle analysis of photovoltaic panels.
12:00 lunch
15:30 break
Global overview and stakes of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-conception Carole CHARBUILLET, ENSAM The full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) «The environmental footprint based in full LCA» Mariska de WILD-SCHOLTEN, SmartGreenScans «LCA and education» Christelle LABERTY, Collège de France / Université Pierre & Marie Curie PV recycling in education and the process of recycling «Paristech Chair on «Urban Mining» supported by Eco-Systèmes», Gérard Cote & Alexandre Chagnes – Chimie Paristech «A potential solution for recycling of strategic metals», Micheline Draye, Université Savoie Mont Blanc
10:00 Life Cycle Assessment
ROUND TABLE with Romain POUBEAU, SER (French renewable energy association)
17:30 Conclusion

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Paris, France