Conférence Technique Photovoltaïque 2016 à Marseille

Description de l'évènement :

La Conférence technique Photovoltaïque 2016 ( Photovoltaic Technical Conference 2016) est la septième d’une série d’évènements internationaux consacrés au photovoltaïque. Dédié aux applications des matériaux et processus avancés”, cette conférence aura lieu à Marseille du 13 au 16 mai.

Voici la présentation de la rencontre, en anglais.

Each year, PVTC welcomes international speakers and attendees coming from all over the world (Algeria, Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Tunisia…). Matching with the international expectations of the conference, PVTC 2016 has naturally moved to the international Center of Villa Méditerranée, at the heart of Marseille in the new Euroméditerranée business district, facing the Mediterranean sea (Southern France). As a result, a special focus on Mediterranean projects will be added to the PhotoVoltaic Technical Conference.

The development of solar cells and modules will be driven by the mutual exchange between future market requirements and technical innovation. In that respect, the PVTC Conference offers an excellent opportunity for the whole value chain, from equipment and material suppliers up to application driven players and from academic research institutions up to downside industry, to share and discuss leading-edge photovoltaic technologies.

Topics of interest:

Materials and technologies for advanced solar cells:
• Si, III-V, perovskites, chalcogenides, polymers, dye, nanowires, quantum dots.
• TCO, encapsulation, connections, optics, glass, antireflective coating…
• Characterization: physical, chemical, morphological, electrical, optical.
• New concepts and architectures of solar cells and modules

Manufacturing processing, equipment and challenges:
• Chemical and physical deposition: CVD, sputtering, electrodeposition, metallization…
• Printing: screen printing, inkjet, spray, nanoimprint,…
• Equipment for processing and characterization: batch, roll-to-roll…
• Encapsulation: barriers, technical polymers, dedicated glasses…
• Automation and in-line monitoring

New photovoltaic products:
• Building integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
• Emerging applications: urban furniture, textile, electronic applications  …
• Bi-facial modules
• Aesthetic modules: semi-transparent, colored…
• Flexible PV
• Mixed thermal and PV modules

PV energy management:
• O&M experience on PV plants
• Performance monitoring and quality control
• Life cycle analysis, energy budget
• Systems predictability, maintenance and energy production efficiency
• Reliability, lifetime, ageing, on-site testing
• Safety, recycling…

Photovoltaic in Mediterranean countries:
• Specificities of PV in the Mediterranean climate & environment
• PV plants and PV for the Mediterranean buildings…
• Isolated sites and self-consumption
• Ageing and O&M: soiling, degradation…
• Application of PV policies…

The workshop will feature oral presentations given by worldwide renowned experts in the field, as well as poster and exhibition sessions.  This event is organized by ARCSIS, an organization in charge of promoting microelectronics by creating synergies and partnerships.

Tel: +33 (0)4 42 53 81 50

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Lieu de l'évènement :

Paris, France